Augmented Project

The Augmented project is a creative heightened experience of the main Tunduk installation I wish to prepare for Venice 2022.
Here in the video below you will find a demo created on Oculus Quest 2 and on Google Tilt Brush. But for Tunduk Aug we will use a mixed reality headset, that will heighten the experience of reality, while we see through. The experience of the viewer would be one of an itinerary traveling through a reality covered by digital creative layers, with an option to record their experience into a video sequence automatically uploaded on the blockchain and presented as an NFT on their devices where they will be able to acquire it for a price – as an artwork. A segment of those sales will be redirected to support women weavers in Kyrgyzstan.
Sourcing archaïc material transforming it with contemporary art and  augmenting it thanks to innovative technology in order to create awareness and preserve.



We R the Nomads Agency


in collaboration with

The Kyrgyz Republic