Mission Statement


Gates of Turan is part zero one of four collaborative installations that will engage with four tribal constellations across the planet. This first part will reflect on Central Asian tribal culture, through personal myth and momentary meditations, wanderings of times we entered the Persian plateau through the Gates of Turan.

An ecology of the planet needing an ecology of the soul, preservation through transformation, transformation through contemporary practice. To transfer endangered know-hows worldwide and incept dialogue, focus on the ethnogenesis of Steppe spirit, like an anthropolitical exploration of archaic cosmogonies through links weaving tribes, earth and cosmos.

`We have to learn to get back to the wisdom of nature,” said Joseph Campbell in Power of Myth, because the only mythology of the day is the mythology of the planet and that mythology we need to create. In 1852 chief Seattle had stated as he sold off his ancestral land ‘This we know the Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to Earth, all things are connected like the blood that unites us all’.

In view of Venice Biennale 2022 Gates of Turan will weave the strands of a cross exposed multi dynamic project uniting installations, paintings, technology, sound and video in an effort to honor the words of dear chief Seattle.


The relation I wish to engage with the local authorities is of a cultural dimension to shed light on the beauty and on the traces of their ancestral crafts through a collaboration with local Woman Weavers in order to create and assemble an artwork and an art film to be shown at the 2022 Venice Biennale.

In order to achieve these missions I propose to set-up as a moveable unit: 3 to 4 fully equipped yurts, and travel with 4×4 rovers including guide, driver and cook over a period of 6 weeks.





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We R the Nomads Agency



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The Kyrgyz Republic