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Film by Firouz FarmanFarmaian Soundscape by FORRM Featuring Philippe Deshaies ( HitnRun Productions Paris)



A terrain-oriented approach backed by pocket technology permits  an immediate type of production that has recently seen me filming,  writing and composing a soundtrack as I sourced an installation  in the Moroccan Sahara in the winter of 2019-2020. I believe that  an imaginative improvisational structure opens rewarding avenues of exchange with the world.


As I source and produce ‘Gates of Turan’ PATH will apply these  organic principles moving towards a 60mn format involving  independent sound and camera units integrating and embedding onboard postproduction in the creative process.

The PATH Venice screening is an independent event set around the main installation, alongside other trans-cultural rendez-vous.


My creative musical output has been constant since the founding of  art-rock Paris outfit PLAYGROUND in 2003 a project that had me release three albums – one gold – and tour wordlwide. Since 2012 my sound took a deeper trans-cultural explorative route that has led  me launch FORRM in 2018, a free vessel experimenting open  form collaborative fusion-rock.  Sound and image dance together in my mind. As I research, sketch and source my visual material I simultaneously produce poetry and music, inspired and shared with people met on my path. The end result is embedded into my exhibitions as artfilm soundtracks,  installation soundscapes and live collaborative performative presentations.

For Gates of Turan I have invited celebrated Dutch musician-violinist and friend Edmond Fokker van Crayenstein to join the creative process alongside former Playground drum player Philippe Deshaies of HitnRun Productions Paris on production design, engineering and, drums.

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